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14 September 2017

The good folks at The Grimdark Podcast interviewed Ross Watson, adding a little bit to what we know:

21 August 2017

Ulisses held their seminar at GenCon over the weekend, and have posted the video here
The interesting points are:

16 August 2017

Big News! Ulisses Spiele has obtained the 40K Roleplay license, and they have seleceted a d6, dice-pool mechanic just like I have. You can see the announcement Here.
Ross Watson is heading the effort. He has been involved in 40K Roleplay since the Black Industries days, so the line could not be in better hands.

27 June 2017

I finally have my hands on the 40K 8E book and all it's fluffy goodness. However, in order to get all the weapons and equipment sorted, it looks like I'll need to obtain (at least) the Imperium related Index books.

23 June 2017

Quick progress report:

17 May 2017

Quick progress report:

I'll be running the system at BigBadCon in October if you're in the area.

03 May 2017

The Warhammer 40,000 universe is amazing. I've wanted to roleplay in it ever since the first edition of the rules came out in 1987. It's full of heroes, villains, and possibility for adventure at every turn.
Inquisitor and Necromunda were great games that got closer, but they really only teased at roleplaying.
When Black Industries and Fantasy Flight Games released Dark Heresy in 2008, I was overjoyed. Though I played for almost a decade, it wasn't as cinematic as I wanted, and the rules were a bit clunky. Still, it was a sad day when Fantasy Flight Games lost the license.
So, I've decided to create my own, very loosely based upon W40K itself, Necromunda, and Shadow War: Armageddon. Keep your eyes on this space.

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